How long have you been making jewelry?
I took my first jewelry class in early 2014 and was instantly hooked! Before that I was working with ceramics and woodworking. 

Can you teach me?   
Yes! I teach evening and weekend workshops available with a number of different projects. I also offer private lessons and private workshops for up to 6 people. 

My brass jewelry is getting darker. What is happening?
This is the completely normal process of oxidation. We encourage to embrace the antiqued patina of your natural metal jewelry. However, you can use a light abrasive such as Bon Ami and a toothbrush to restore shiny finish. A more aggressive approach would be to use superfine steel wool (the measurement is 0000). Use gentle circular motions to remove top layer of oxidation. Do not use abrasives on stones. 

How do I find out about the latest updates?
For monthly updates sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the screen. or follow along on Instagram to see progress shots and other things happening in the studio. 

Wait I have more questions!
Yes I know but this page is under contsruction. Please check back soon! xo