This sublet would be ideal for a jeweler who is just starting out and has not yet invested in all of the big tools of a full jewelry studio setup. There are two sublets available and use of group tools is included in the rent.

The studio is located near SE 18th and Rhine, a few blocks south of Powell. It is one of four studios in a larger group workspace which includes a leather shop, two ceramics studios and a shared common area. The common area includes: couch with coffee table, large dining table, garage door with full frosted windows (lots of light), separate gallery room, bathroom, kitchenette (fridge, sink, dishes, electric kettle, microwave)

Rent $300, (recommend that you have your own renters insurance for your tools, etc.)

Rent includes:

- Your personal corner of the studio with two walls that is about 5x10ft (its actually 4.75')

- 2' x 4' heavy duty jewelry bench provided (unless you have one)

- adjustable height rolling chair, (unless you have one)

- 24hr access

- wifi, utilities, trash

Use of group tools:

- soldering setup with pickle and ventilation system

- smith silversmith torch using acetylene and air

- smith little torch with propane and oxygen

- double sided buffing station with filtration cabinet

- table top drill press

- table top belt sander for grinding

- vibratory tumbler and rotary tumbler

- tumbling media including steel shot and a few abrasives

- shop-vac and other cleaning stuff

- some extra (but limited) storage options

- NO casting equipment. I do not own any and I think it will require more venting than we have

- I am open to suggestions for other tools we might need

Supplies that I will provide:

- acetylene, propane and oxygen refills

- filters for buffer and soldering station

- pickle/acid refill

- belts for grinder

Each person will provide their own:

- bench tools (flexshaft, files, hammers, saws, etc)

- drill bits for drill press

- buffing wheels and compounds

- solder, flux, personal soldering block/tray and other soldering tools (third hand, tweezers, snips, brush, etc)

Other details:

- Due at move in: first month $350 and deposit $250

- 30 days notice required at move out. You will forfeit deposit if less than 30 days.

- 6 month commitment and then month to month

- Parking in the neighborhood a few blocks away (unfortunately only a few designated parking spots are available for the whole studio)

- I am considering offering private lessons but I don't have a plan for that yet. It shouldn't interfere with anything.

- Must be ok with dogs. I have a border collie that comes to the studio with me.

- It is important to me that we try to keep the studio as clean as possible. Things can get hectic and I would like to try to stay on top of it as best we can. 

- If you get to a point where you are considering an assistant then (congrats!) you have outgrown the studio. I am planning on occasionally have an assistant or a private lessons and the studio is maxed out at 4 people.

ya' DIG?

Please email me through the contact page on the website. Include a little information about you, your work, and how you generally work in the studio. (are you there every single day? is this your main job/income? are you hoping to do something else in your space other than strictly jewelry/small metals? do you require certain tools/processes?) 

Please send me any other questions you might have. 

Thanks so much!